Tanzanite Crystal for Higher Consciousness

A higher form of spiritual awakening comes from the realization of the fact that human consciousness has allowed us to feel and see things with a mystical perspective, open only to us human beings.
We have the powers of communication, self-awareness, and supernatural intellect, which gives us an edge over all other life forms present on earth. This also opens up a whole new world of exploration of realms beyond our physical world.
We connect with these aspects of the world when we open ourselves up to the possibilities present. This happens through meditation, spirituality, and metaphysical tools like crystals.
Tanzanite is a crystal which is considered the most valuable of all crystals in terms of metaphysical properties. It is a crystal that promotes spiritual exploration by combing and enhancing our communication and psychic abilities.
Its abilities also include protection from the unknown harmful energies and linking our consciousness with higher realms, allowing a deeper more profound form of meditation. It will humble the human persona by uniting the mind and heart and develop a higher level of compassion in an illumined mind.
It is a pretty blue crystal that exists in a variety of shades, ranging from lilac-blue and sapphire blue to deep violet-blue. When faceted and turned into jewelry pieces, it becomes a sight to behold and is instantly recognizable because of its mystical blue demeanor.
In its raw natural form, Tanzanite is present in blue, purple, brown, and yellow shades. It is then heat-treated to form its signature and more recognizable violet-blue color, and removing the brownish-yellow areas. In both natural and artificial light, the crystal tends to bend and shift colors according to perspective.
Named after the East African country, Tanzania, this crystal is also exclusively only mined there. This exclusivity makes it an expensive and rare crystal to get your hands on.
But what Tanzanite brings to your crystal collection can’t be matched by any other combination of crystals. It’s powerful and unique which is why if you are someone that is seeking a connection to higher consciousness, get yourself a piece of Tanzanite!

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