Sunstone: Meaning and Benefits

Consumed by the energy of the ultimate monarch of the entire universe, Sunstone is a very relevant stone when it comes to crystal collections. The Sun is the necromancer that brings life to a dead clump of dirt and water with its magical rays and in all practicality is the one real god present in the world which we can see in the sky ruling over us all.
The sunstone is a talisman to pray to the Sun in a way and instills in us the qualities that Sun is associated with. Its metaphysical qualities include leadership, personal and institutional power, freedom, and expanded consciousness. It moves our mindset in positive directions by bringing openness, benevolence, and warmth towards others and ourselves.
One important thing that people in places of power need is a nurturing energy that replenishes them and helps them grow because they spend all of theirs on their subjects. This is the reason why Sunstone is a perfect stone for leadership and power. These positive energies bring back enjoyment for life and make one feel fulfilled.
Sunstone is in general known as an abundance stone. It will promote originality and creativity, and is very helpful in bringing to surface hidden talents that many people might have to lie dormant within them. It is an excellent stone for bringing good luck in competitions.
For people who have been ruminating about getting into a fitness routine but are just stopping themselves from it because of procrastination and laziness can benefit from sunstone. For the workplace, it is a great crystal if you want to enhance your leadership qualities.
It will also bring opportunities for promotion and leadership roles if you’re not already there.
It is also a great healing and wellness stone. It improves metabolism and digestion. It increases vitality and overall cortisol levels so that you feel happier and more fulfilled in life generally.
It will improve your self-healing capabilities and allow your body to take care of itself in situations of minor diseases and symptoms. Sunstone is also used to treat chronic sore throats, stomach tensions, and major ulcers. It is naturally a heavy stimulant for the Solar Plexus chakra, which when placed over, treats depression and seasonal affective disorder. It chases away nightmares and gives you more restful sleep.
Sunstone also has many emotional healing benefits. It is already synonymous with cleansing the aura and chakras. That is how it removes hooks from possessive loved ones and other people who you love that have been a drain on your mental and emotional energy.

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