Suffering from anxiety? pop-out of it using crystals


Those who have ever battled with anxiety will know that understanding and managing its symptoms presents something of a challenge. For a person going through anxiety, the powerless times, you take comfort by using crystals – because healing stones have powers to help you come out of such issues and such lows.

Dealing with anxiety requires patience and perseverance along with peer and professional support and the necessary treatments. Turning to healing crystals can be an amazing way to tune in and alleviate unsettling feelings, especially when used alongside other wellness practices such as prayer and meditation. 

The big question that arises is what are the best healing crystals for stress and anxiety?

Crystals agate bracelets have designed perfect handmade crystal bracelets for so many solutions one can deal with not only anxiety, in today’s blog but also solutions to factors like success, student life, protection, leadership and sleep in bracelets in the form of stress bracelets, sleep bracelets, anti depression bracelets, weight loss bracelets, success bracelets, protection bracelets and many more at CRYSTAL AGATE BRACELETS. Let us look at some examples for anxiety reduction using crystals in today’s article.


One must know, self-love is a superpower and the real foundation of all true personal powers.

Commonly known as the stone of unconditional love, the pink Rose Quartz is said to attract and inspire love in all forms. It’s especially good for promoting self-love and emotional harmony. When we’re stressed, it can be hard to simply remember to care for ourselves. Keeping a piece of Rose Quartz out where we can see it, like on a nightstand or next to the bathtub, can act as a powerful visual reminder to take a little bit of “me time” every day – even if it’s just two quiet minutes spent alone, breathing deeply and not staring at a phone.


A creamy Moonstone, often referred to as the stone of motherhood too, this creamy gem is an incredibly powerful crystal for helping relieving stress, heightening intuition, and stabilizing the emotions.

Furthermore, if you’ve ever wanted to develop your psychic abilities, this is the stone to keep on hand. Meditate with this incredibly powerful gem any time you are feeling low in any way in your day.


The Stone of Peace - Sodalite is said to help calm the mind and ease panic attacks.

If you have been feeling anxious in any way, take this royal blue crystal with you, as it carries a comforting energy that is helpful in preventing us from becoming emotional. Sodalite is also believed to stimulate self-confidence and help in self-expression, so keep it close any time you are feeling nervous about sharing your thoughts and ideas with others.


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