Strengthen Your Intuitive Skills With The Use Of Crystals

 Strengthen Your Intuitive Skills With The Use Of Crystals

There are gems, minerals and stones that prove very useful to make the intuitive perception clearer and improve it. Experts recommend the best crystals and stones to create your own "druid's purse", which you will use to open and refine the intuitive senses.

  1. Amethyst

Amethyst helps quell the turbulent emotions that lead to strengthening your intuitive skills. It is also used to manage intoxication from too strong emotions. This crystal is one of your best allies when your meditative techniques are not enough to bring you serenity. It is thought that the lower energies are transmuted into higher energies, which raise the frequencies from lower to higher; this could be one of the reasons why it has a strong calming influence.

  1. Diopside black star (diopside asteria)

This stone bears the imprint of the aura of the earth in a very visible way. It is the most powerful of all the stones used to anchor. It is useful for reconnecting people to the root of their incarnation, the source of their being. Facilitates radiesthesia, both direct and performed using a map. If you have experienced a strong emotional or intuitive shock, the black star diopside helps you release emotions and revive the will to move forward.

  1. Fluorite

Fluorite is a mineral available in a wide range of colours and can also take different crystalline forms. It is particularly useful if you spend too much time in an altered state of consciousness, if you work with mediumship, with the search for visions or if you do some other work that makes intense use of intuitive abilities and you need help to find the way to the normal state of consciousness. When combined with amethyst, fluorite can also be used to recharge an exhausted aura.

  1. Obsidian

It is the stone of truth. If you are in doubt about your point of view or your perception of a situation, hold Obsidian in your hand and give it some of your energy, then reabsorbing it in yourself. Repeat the process by reviewing your point of view and your perception. An obsidian mirror used as a tool of divination helps you see energies or hidden beings. Alternatively, use it to capture the reflection of subtle energies.

  1. Azurite

The properties of Azurite facilitate visualization, meditation and all relaxation techniques (placed on the forehead or held in the hand), help to understand the psychic experiences and to verbalize them, stimulate the psychic ability and the visualization, allow to use more consciously of their own intuitive abilities, they free the mind and drive away bad thoughts

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