Stimulate Your Mind, Body, and Soul with Agates

Stimulate Your Mind, Body, and Soul with Agates

Crystals are powerful when compared to other stones since they work at various frequencies of high and low and the vibrations they emit have stronger radiation. The crystals contain some geometric patterns in their atomic structure which serve as a conduit for universal energy. They are a great tool for stimulating your mind, body, and soul. One such powerful crystal that has gained importance in the last couple of years is the Agate Crystal.


The vibrant, translucent, and full of luster crystal that is a favorite among people looking for tranquillity and peace, Agates are beautiful and identified by the bands of colors within them. The stones are formed due to the collaboration of igneous rocks and silica deposits in the groundwater. The bands that are formed are a result of agate deposits that form on top of one another. The stone comes in varied colors such as pink, white, red, blue, grey, purple, brown, black, and yellow and the variety in color is due to the impurities present in the composition of the groundwater.

Color of Agates

Each color of the Agate signifies the purpose it can be used for. For instance,

• White – Balance
• Pink – Love
• Blue – Health
• Purple – Spirituality
• Green – New beginnings
• Orange/Yellow – Passion
• Black – Protection
• Brown – Wealth

Types of Agates

There are, also, various types of Agates that are used for different purposes.

• Botswana - Helps in releasing repressed emotional issues and heal them and also, help in treating infertility.

• Moss – Helps in connecting with the natural world.

• Blue Lace – Helps as a connector and is used to increase joy, truth, and inspiration.

• Lake Superior – Helps in boosting creativity and natural talents in a person.

• Mexican Crazy Lace – Increases happiness, laughter, stamina, and energy. It helps in relieving emotional stress and pain.

• Snakeskin – Helps in treating skin disorders, curbs emotional disorders, aids transitions in life, helps in fighting depression.

• Turritella – Promotes a feeling of self-worth, boosts confidence, self-esteem, and creates harmonious relations.

• Tree – Helps in connecting with the natural Earth entities.

Depending upon the purpose, the Agates can be chosen and used in various forms such as jewelry, crystal pyramids, artwork, and home décor. The Agate connects with universal energy and helps in tapping the energy sources and deriving positive energies from them.

The Agates are fairly safe for the children and help everyone stimulate their mind, body, and soul by connecting them with the universe.

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