Stay Connected To Your Intentions With Crystals

Stay Connected To Your Intentions With Crystals

Intention setting is the first step to manifestation. Everything we do begins with an intention, right from wriggling our toes to buying grocery for the house. In fact, ancient sages believed that it is our deepest desires and intentions that set our destiny.

If we were to put it simply, intentions are like seeds from which the fruit of our desire grows and just like the seeds need to be sown in the sand for them to grow, our intentions too, need to be let out in the universe for them to take root and bear fruit.

Our intentions are let out into the inner consciousness and each one of them sets the energy into motion, either consciously or unconsciously.

Crystals can become a great aid in our intention setting process. Just as we create a to-do list to remind us of the tasks we need to perform through the day, crystals are a physical reminder of intentions that we set in our minds and inner consciousness.

Here are four steps to keep your intentions connected with the crystals.

  1. Find the right crystal

Let your intuition guide you to find the crystal that suits your intention. Look at the crystals and see which one attracts you the most and look at the color and the shape. You can work on the metaphysical properties of the stones later. Your instincts will tell you which crystal will work best for you.

  1. Clean and re-energize

Once you have found the right crystal, it is time to clean it of any negative energy it might have absorbed and rejuvenate it. There are many ways to cleanse and re-energize the crystals, study which method works best for your crystal.

  1. Intention setting

Start the intention setting by placing the crystal in the palm of your hand and clearing your mind of any negative thoughts. State your intention clear and loud and keep repeating it until you feel a sensation from the crystal in your hand. Your instinct will tell you when the intention is set.

  1. Revisit the intention

Place the crystal where you can see it, either next to your bed, or on the desk in your office, or in your bag or pocket. It will serve to remind you of your intention. Every week revisit your intention by repeating it to the crystal by placing it on your palm.

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