Stabilize Your Body Functions With Brazilianite

Stabilize Your Body Functions With Brazilianite
The name of this stone is derived from the country where it was found, Brazil. This crystal is often bright yellow in colour but it may also be yellowish-green, green or colourless.
Brazilianite is not often found into jewellery due to the fact that these stones are not easy to cut as they are brittle and crack easily. However, brazilianite is widely used in the crystal healing industry due to its wide range of benefits.
It is said that Brazilianite embodies interesting and potent energy that relates to ancient Atlantis. This Atlantean vibration may have found a profound effect on your creative abilities, especially if you have lived a past life in Atlantis.
This crystal possesses loving energy that may prove to be beneficial for your life in many ways.
Brazilianite is an important crystal for artists because it has powers that enhance your creativity and persuade you in taking actions by stimulating your solar plexus and sacral chakra. The vibrations of this crystal help you to release anger by making you aware of your personal power.
This crystal also makes you aware of people who try to take advantage of you and help you to deal with it in a creative way. In terms of physical healing, Brazilianite stabilizes your body functions and ensures a healthy flow of blood to every part of your body. It strengthens your immunity and protects you from infections.
This stone also has a touch of green to it which implies that it also resonates with the heart chakra along with solar plexus chakra. The energy embodied within these stones helps to meld together the vibration of the heart and solar plexus chakra to create an energy that aids a heart-based use of the will.
This energy will also help you to release feelings of anger or bitterness that you may be holding on to, relating to the things that occurred in the past. Use this stone to induce some positivity and optimism in your life and feel lively once again.

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