Spring Cleaning With These 5 Healing Crystals

Spring Cleaning With These 5 Healing Crystals
Spring is known as the season of new beginnings. Trees, animals, and birds are all flourishing in blissful harmony in this season and the wonders of nature are at their best.
Humans too, take this opportunity to clean their house thoroughly to make room for new energies by removing the old ones. Crystals have been used by crystal enthusiasts for doing a spiritual cleansing of their house.
These healing crystals help to clear out the energetic cobwebs and stagnant energy that builds in your home. This type of cleansing addresses the invisible energy that gets stuck.
Few of these energy crystals for spring cleansing are given below:



This is a calming stone that instills deep peace and is excellent for meditation and spiritual work. It assists judgment and insight. This healing crystal quickly absorbs and unblocks any stagnant energy.
This gemstone also protects your aura from negative energy. Place this crystal in four corners of your room for protection.

Black Tourmaline

black tourmaline

This beautiful crystal is a big-time energy purifier. It shields you and your space from negative vibes. This is a grounding stone that helps you to stay connected to the physical world.
Put this energy crystal in your front door, entryway or on a porch. Doing this will help protect your home from all energies that enter.



This is a crystal that brings harmony and balance to space. You can use this gemstone to dissolve negativity in your kid’s room or to bring gentle and pure vibes in that room.
Celestite is also known as the stone of angel communication. Place it under your pillow or near your bed to benefit from its energies.



This stone is known to carry the colours of nature and growth apart from water & sky. This is a healing crystal that assists with new beginnings. It encourages you to be cheerful & positive while welcoming something new in your life.
Chrysoprase fosters change and helps you if you are ready to make a fresh start on something important

Rose Quartz

rose quartz

This Universal Stone of Love is an ideal addition to your house in the summer season. This love stone is well-known for its ability to instill a loving and compassionate atmosphere in the space where it is placed.
Rose Quartz is one of the best energy crystals for spring cleansing because it is a stone of Mother Nature.

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