Spiritual and Healing Properties of Citrine Crystals

Spiritual and Healing Properties of Citrine Crystals

Citrine is a crystal having a yellow hue and is associated with wealth, abundance and prosperity. This crystal looks very vibrant and shiny because of the bright yellow color that it possesses. The name Citrine is derived from the French word for lemon (citron) and is a variety of quartz. Because of the color of this crystal, it is often mistaken with Gold Topaz, Madeira or Safranite. Citrine is naturally found in countries like Spain, Russia, Brazil, United States, France, Scotland, Africa, and Madagascar. The use of this crystal can be traced as far back as 300 BC where the Greeks and the Romans used it in their jewelry.   

This is also known as the Merchants stone as it helps to gather wealth and prosperity or even maintain it. It also attracts success and bright energy into your life and promotes a healthy and bright career. Citrine is also known to promote generosity and the sharing of good fortune. This stone is very useful for professionals as it improves the interactive qualities of people who work in the field of banking, sales, sports, and media. It is known to invoke creativity and imagination, thus making it an ideal stone for all artists. Citrine is a stone that energizes every level of your life. It is mainly associated with the Sacral, Solar Plexus and Crown Chakras inside the human body and helps to cleanse these chakras and remove all the negative and toxic entities from them. Its association with the Solar Plexus chakra helps to increase your personal power and self-confidence so that you are prepared to deal with any situation that life throws at you. 

This energizing and revitalizing stone is useful to treat degenerative diseases and balance the chemical imbalances in the body. Citrine can also be used to boost your immunity level and help tackle digestive problems as well as diabetes. This crystal detoxifies your blood and increases blood circulation inside your body. Other advantages of citrine include reducing eye problems, kidney and bladder infections. When it comes to meditation, citrine is among the stones that help you to attain that ultimate state of tranquility and calmness. Citrine promotes the flow of radiant energy into your mind, body, and spirit. To utilize the powers of citrine for your benefit, you can wear it in the form of jewelry or carry a small piece of it in your wallet or purse. You can even place a medium-sized citrine at your home or office to attract wealth and abundance.  If you place it in your living room or bedroom, it will help to attract joyful energies and maintain a healthy and happy atmosphere at your place.

The energy field around you acts like a magnet and absorbs all energies that are around it. Citrine injects light and positivity in your aura and hence proves to be a perfect crystal to live a happy, blissful and prosperous life. 

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