Snowflake Obsidian VS Golden Obsidian

In its natural black form, obsidian is a formidable crystal with the energy of such high vibrations that it is desired across the world. Its mystical powers alleviate so many of mankind’s base level issues without them even realizing the improvement in their lives.
Like most crystals, the natural black obsidian has variations that are just as beautiful as their master. But based on the impurities and mixtures in their structures, not just their looks, but also their metaphysical properties may change.
Two of the wildest and most fascinating variations of obsidian are Snowflake Obsidian and Golden Obsidian, and this blog is a head to head between their powers and value.
Snowflake Obsidian
Stimulating the base chakra, snowflake obsidian adds so much to the base powers of the regular obsidian. It is a calming force that soothes your hyperactive brain and teaches you the value and meaning of success. It teaches you to take failure with grace and learn from your failures.
It provides the right balance for the body, spirit, and mind. It helps you address rumination and wrongful thinking especially when you’re in the middle of it. It helps you to isolate yourself and focus on your inner centering.
Golden Obsidian
This variation of Obsidian also known as Gold Sheen Obsidian is covered in gold-colored splotches and stretches. It not only looks beautiful as a gemstone but has extraordinary powers.
It stimulates the third eye chakra and helps you see things with a better perspective, connect you to a divine vision and will, which helps you mentally transcend over the material world and rid you of regular stress and whatnot. In this process, you’ll feel your powers of manifestation supercharged, making you find new and efficient ways towards success and enlightenment.
It is a stone of the will power, dispelling all negative effects that have plagued your energy like abuse of power. By helping you clarify your true motivations, it helps you express your true talent and gifts in the world.
These are the two exceptional varieties of Obsidian. This stone is fantastic in whatever variety it is found, but these two odd-ball varieties are definitely worth your attention if you’re a crystal enthusiast.

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