Should some crystals never be used together?

Should some crystals never be used together?
There are different types of healing crystals in this world with each one having unique metaphysical properties of their own. These healing crystals improve your life in physical, emotional as well as a spiritual way if used properly. One can even bundle a few of these crystals together to amplify their powers.
However, there are a few crystals which should not be used together because their properties contradict each other and that would reduce the healing effect. These crystals are mentioned below:

Carnelian & Blue Lace Agate

 Carnelian is a stone that is considered to be a bundle of energy. The vibrations of this stone fill you with energy that gets the work done and keeps your mood happy.
Blue lace agate, on the other hand, does exactly the opposite of what carnelian does. It calms energy down. Thus, if you put these two together then it would send confusing messages to the universe.

Citrine & Moonstone

Citrine is a stone that promotes motivation and activates creativity and encourages self-expression. It also enhances concentration and revitalizes the mind. This crystal is filled with the bright energy of the sun, which is why people use it when they feel low.
Moonstone is said to be filled with the feminine energy of the moon that is calm and peaceful. It calms down your hyperactive mind and gets you into a relaxed state that helps you think and eases your worries. Using citrine in combination with the moonstone can be a bad idea as they have opposing energies.
    Healing crystals are a boon to mankind and they have been used for centuries for healing by our ancestors. Once you obtain proper knowledge about these crystals, then it is quite easy to identify the combinations that work together and those that do not.

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