Ridiculously Handy Crystals You Need To Heal Your Life

Crystals You Need To Heal Your Life

Crystals are one of the most beautiful creations of nature. These colorful and sparkly stones originate from the earth and possess properties that can be used to heal a number of problems in our life. If you have proper knowledge of the properties of these crystals, then you already know that which crystals are suitable for which of your problems. You only need a few crystals to change your life altogether. These crystals not only heal you physically and spiritually, but they also tend to protect you from any impending dangers. Each of these crystals is associated with a different chakra from your body and the vibrations they emit helps to heal these chakras. There are a few crystals which are very handy and can be carried without any prior knowledge, they are mentioned below: 

1.) Amethyst: This is the best crystal that anyone can carry without any complication. It has powers that can help to relieve physical ailments as well as emotional disorders. Amethyst was very popular in ancient times and was considered to be as precious as the diamond. This stone helps you to develop a connection with the Divine. Amethyst stimulates your Third Eye Chakra and Crown Chakra which enhances your cognitive abilities. Amethyst is also known to boost creativity, intuition and cleanse your aura of any negative and toxic elements.

2.) Black Tourmaline: This stone is regarded as the premier talisman of protection as it is beneficial in deflecting negative energies and destructive forces that try to hamper your life. It also guards against harmful radiation and environmental pollutants. Black tourmaline converts the negative energy residing inside a person into positive energy and makes him more joyful and grounded. This is a good stone for those people who face challenges at their workplace or at home because it cleanses the energy fields and protects you from jealous people who tend to be a hurdle on your road to success.

3.) Clear quartz: Being one of the most abundant crystals in the world, clear quartz is readily available everywhere. Clear quartz deals with the way you think and perceive the world around you. It activates the Crown Chakra which helps to open up your mind and facilitates communication and clarity of thoughts. This stone helps to eliminate all the energy blockages inside you and allows energy to flow smoothly throughout your body. Called as the master of all healing crystals, Clear Quartz is known to amplify the healing vibrations of other crystals.

4.) Rose quartz: This is the universal stone of love. This crystal is known to encourage unconditional love and restore trust in any relationship. Rose quartz opens the heart at all levels and promotes self-love, compassion, and romance in your life. This stone also encourages forgiveness and helps to get rid of all the grudges you have been holding on to so that you can give a new start to your relations.

5.) Citrine: This crystal is also known as the “Light Maker” and stores the vibrant energy of the sun inside itself. The bright energy of this crystal is very powerful and converts all the negative energy inside your body into positive energy thereby imparting joy, delight, and enthusiasm. Citrine is also known to attract wealth, prosperity and success into your life. Citrine is a very energizing crystal that boosts the creativity inside an individual and also encourages self-expression.

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