Reduce your debt with crystals


Crystals can help you overcome emotional, energetic and spiritual blockages that hold you back when seeking wealth, whilst strengthening your intentions for a better financial future. Here are nine of the best crystals for money.

Money and abundance can come to us in many ways. But we are often held back by self-limiting beliefs and the wrong mindset.

The right crystals can eliminate these blockages to greater wealth. Crystals for abundance can also boost your confidence in tackling new and potentially profitable endeavours.

With this in mind, here are nine of the best crystals for money and prosperity. Whether you want to make wiser spending decisions, eliminate debt or earn more money, there's a crystal that could help.

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Have a look at some of the crystals listed in this category.


One of the most ubiquitous and well-known crystals, clear quartz helps you clear the clutter and get real about what your true intention is.

How to use clear quartz to clarify your intention?

Holding the quartz in your hand, close your eyes. State out loud one thing that you can take action on that will bring you closer to your financial goals. From here on, let the quartz guide your path. Create an achievable, action-oriented plan with the guidance of clear quartz.


Green jade has been used to attract both wealth and harmony. This actually does a lot for the nervous system, but it is especially interesting for attraction because it helps you keep calm in the middle of the storm

How to use green jade to enhance your financial focus?

Try keeping a piece on your nightstand or tucking a small stone under your mattress so it is best kept in your bedroom to help you manifest your dream life.

The crystal is a low vibration stone on this list.


When the negative money mind chatter begins to creep in, there’s no better crystal to turn to than Citrine. This crystal is the light maker and the ultimate wealth crystal for manifestation. When you want to manifest more wealth and abundance, shift your mindset by bringing in the light with citrine. It helps you to open yourself up to embrace a more positive mindset.


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