Red Tiger Eye: your Dragon Eye for life


Charm bracelets with Red Tiger eye ensure you are emotionally balanced and a great mood lifter. You will know-how in this article.

Red-Tigers-Eye is otherwise called Dragon's Eye. It's a stone that is caramel red in shading and has both light and dim lines going through it. It has a place with the oxide mineral class and the quartz gathering.

It has a trigonal precious stone framework, and the sparkle and shine that can be seen on the stone are made during its development procedure. The red shading in Red-Tigers-Eye is a direct result of the degree of oxidation that happens. Red-Tigers-Eye's most striking areas incorporate South Africa, Namibia, India, Canada, Brazil, and the USA. 

Red-Tigers-Eye is an extremely animating stone that will give you motivation and inspiration in all parts of your life. 

It's an exceptionally quieting stone that will keep you loose and focused regardless of whether you lead an extremely occupied or confusing life. 

At the point when you work with the energies of this stone, you will have tranquillity and congruity any place you are, whoever you're with, and anything that you're doing.

We at Crystal agate bracelets bring you crystal bracelets with Red tiger eye stone. These Red tiger eye stone bracelets bring that supreme spiritual powers with calm and focussed along with bringing in that emotional balance. It also helps you lose weight which needs focus and motivation. We bring you Weight loss bracelet.

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Weight loss bracelet

Red Tiger Eye

One of the most effective gemstones to stimulate and speed up your metabolism. It enhances confidence and provides motivation to the non-motivated.


A meditative and calming stone with powerful healing properties that purifies and clears the mind of negative thoughts. Helps you break free from addictions, including over-eating.


Brings light to all situations, has bright, joyful energy that increases vitality and keeps you motivated and enthusiastic. Like the sun, sunstone warms the body, incresing metabolism and digestion.

With this main crystal that is known for calming you, improve your motivation, we are sure you will never ever experience any more tension, demotivation or out of focus once you start wearing Weight loss bracelet.

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