Red Phantom Quartz: A Perfect Stress Buster

Red Phantom Quartz: A Perfect Stress Buster
Red Phantom Quartz is a gemstone which is thought to receive divine protection from a creator deity. It is known to release the creative power hidden deep inside you.
It is good to use when you want to check what kind of future you want to have. Red phantom quartz will give you the required power to make your desires come true.
This gemstone has inclusions of Hematite, Limonite and or Kaolinite. Red Phantom Quartz heals inner stress and boosts self-esteem.
People who are addicted to smoking, alcohol, etc can benefit from this Red Phantom Quartz as it will help them to release those addictions.
This energy stone symbolizes phantom & allows you to face your phantoms so that you are able to discover something new.
This healing stone has a red phantom-like pattern inside the Quartz. The pattern that looks like going upwards has been considered as a symbol of growth.
Red Phantom Quartz has a meaning & effect of enhancing its owner’s growth. It is a good gemstone for people who want to continue to work hard or improve their skills.
Red Phantom Quartz gets its colour due to the presence of Hematite inside it. This stone is mainly composed of iron and it gets red when it is oxidized. Due to its red colour, hematite is considered as a symbol of fighters and flame.
Soldiers preferred this gemstone while going on the battlefield because it gave them the motivation and strength required to win the battle.
Red Phantom Quartz shuts down the metaphysical awareness when worn on the right hand with right-handed people and allows metaphysical faculties to remain open when worn on the left.
This energy crystal should be a part of your healing kit if you wish to remove the negative blockages in your path and heal your aura to achieve a total balance.

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