Reawaken Your Lost Love And Passion With Tugtupite

Reawaken Your Lost Love And Passion With Tugtupite
Tugtupite is a rare pink crystal that holds the harmony of deep love within it. This special and unique stone has the ability to bring energies of love, peace, and harmony into your life.
Since this is a very high-intensity stone, it is ideal for anyone who wields it. This stone most commonly is found in red colour but can also be found in other colours like pink, blue, green and white.
This energy stone was first discovered in 1962 and takes its name from the location that it was found, Tugtup in Greenland. This translucent stone appears colourless in transmitted light and is able to change its colour when it is put close to the heat.
This is the perfect crystal for someone who is looking to add love and affection to their life. The strong vibrations of this crystal activate your heart chakra and allow the free flow of energies.
This healing stone can be considered to be a very cheerful stone that you can use to get rid of negative thoughts. This crystal removes the blockages in your body and ensures a flow of life force through your body.
Tugtupite will heighten and enhance the feelings of love and is able to specifically enhance passion and romance. You can also use this stone to relieve yourself of stress and release tension and anxiety.
Tugtupite will allow you to see yourself in a whole new light and rediscover hidden talents that you had long forgotten. You will also be able to overcome the doubts and suspicions that you have about yourself.
You will be able to grow as a person and as a spiritual being by loving & accepting yourself as you are. This gemstone will enable you to become much more peaceful & composed in your life.
Tugtupite is a great stone when you want to reboot your entire soul in order to experience life to its fullest, without any negativity holding you back. This stone is also very ideal to relieve the emotional trauma that pulls you down in life.
This energy stone will help your soul recover from the mistakes of the past and will link it to the metaphysical plane.

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