Reasons why Your Crystal Might Not be Working for you

Crystal healing is not an exact science, regardless of how well documented its effects are. People lean on the magical prowess of crystal healing to aid their many issues, be better and healthier people.
But this should not be confused with the fact that they’re not godsends that just magically absorb your problems. They’re aids. They are not a suitable replacement for medical prescriptions or exercise regiments, or even therapists. They just help you help yourselves better.
They are a holistic healing aid that will vibrate on the same frequency as you and fill you with positivity. They act on stimulating different chakras, and these impact causing changes to happen when you pick the right stone for yourself.
These are the reasons why when a stone has no impact on someone, they misunderstand the consequences of getting a stone, don’t notice the changes, or have wild unreal magical expectations from the stone.
Many people would hold a fresh new crystal in their hands, and not feel a thing, and then pass it to whoever’s sitting next to them and be bombarded with descriptions of how the crystal gives them a buzzing feeling, a heat, or a vibration or whatever.
So this will make you wonder if you are doing something wrong, does your crystal need to be charged, or are you not a crystal person at all. But before going down this rabbit hole, you need to understand that most crystal devotees started with confusion, not feeling anything, and hearing crickets.
Here are a few things you can try to ease up the process of you and your crystal becoming buddies. Note that these things are also a process, and nothing can make you just connect to your crystal instantly.
  • Ease into the process! Try meditating with the stone instead of just concentrating on it or wearing it like jewelry. Keep your expectations real.
  • Try sleeping with it under or inside your pillowcase.
  • Try working with the stone every other day. Leaving a day’s gap will help you analyze if you feel any change by the stone’s presence or absence.
  • Anoint the stone. Conduct a ceremony to align your energy with the stones.
  • If you’ve had your stone for a while, try using sound purification to retune or recharge your crystal.

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