Purpurite: Meanings and Benefits

In crystal healing, colors have a huge role to play. They determine what chakra the stone stimulates and are a big part of the metaphysical properties that the stone demonstrates. For example, green stones are related to the heart, and red rocks are related to the root chakra.

Similarly, purple rocks are the ones for the crown chakra and have properties beneficial for the mind. They have calming properties, which could very well be a characteristic of the soothing color itself. Today we’re going to talk about a stone which is named after the paint itself; Purpurite.

Out of the numerous metaphysical benefits this stone has, the fascinating ones are its physical benefits. Purpurite has the power to alleviate problems related to blood flow and healing. It is a useful aid when recovering from wounds, cuts, bruises, anything that causes excessive bleeding.

It also aids in taking care of problems related to blood pressure, pulse rate, healthy oxygenation of the blood, and heart palpitations. It incorporates electromagnetic energy into the body, which stimulates a healthier functioning brain.

Purpurite has many positive effects on feelings and a person’s emotional health. It will help you get rid of self-imposed limitations that are stopping you from achieving your goals. It makes you more proactive and allows you to take back control of your life.

This way, when you’re making decisions for yourself, you cannot have anyone to blame if things don’t go your way. It also improves your communication and helps you speak your mind at all times. When you’re expressing your mind, you are less burdened by things that you keep to yourself. This level of expressiveness can be very beneficial for you on many levels.

This beautiful purple stone is a crystal of freedom and expressiveness. It will help you see and address your psychological barriers and get rid of them one at a time. It helps when you are stuck in a mediocre deadening routine and want to feel refreshed.

Purpurite fills you with a new level of confidence and power, which allows you to love yourself more and raise your level of self-respect. It will help you shed your old self and be open-minded towards finding your spiritual self. Purpurite gives you the freedom of mind to adapt to change and be okay with it.

Only when your mental faculties are all in order can you achieve something like that. On your journey to finding your greater identity, you’ll find that most things that usually worry you are all surface level, and a more excellent state of calmness awaits you.

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