Protecting Your Pc From Viruses With Magic Crystals

Healing crystals have been used since centuries to offer help with a variety of issues. These issues were ranging from achieving spirituality to healing emotional traumas, wounds etc. These crystals do not have any magical properties of their own but it is the vibrations of these crystals that do the job. These vibrations deflect the negative entities away from our life and help us achieve a physical, spiritual and emotional balance.
In modern times, crystals are being used to help with a number of issues. Protecting your PC from viruses is one among them.
However, it is to be noted that these crystals do not act as an antivirus but rather help to keep your home or office workspace flowing with positive energy that keeps negativity at bay. Malachite is a stone that works hand-in-hand with your antivirus software to keep the virus in check.
If you place this crystal on your desk, it will help to soak up some of the electromagnetic pollution emitted by your computer and other appliances.
The healing energy of this stone will work in your favour and will shield you from online activities that try to harm you. This stone dispels negativity, absorbs radiation and pollutants that leak into the atmosphere.
An effective way of using malachite is to hold it firmly in your hand and feel its power and purifying abilities.
Charge this stone with your intention of soaking up negativity from your office space and send out strong, positive energetic rays around your computer to keep it free from virus.
Circle this stone around the computer twice a day so that its energies will remain on your device. Once the stone is used, cleanse it with running water to keep it charged for the next use.

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