Protect Yourself From Electro Magnetic Field With These Crystals!

This modern world is full of unseen powers, known as Electro-Magnetic Fields, or EMFs. These powers are necessary for our daily life now. 21st century is the era of technological advancements, and these advancements mean a networking cloud of EMFs that keeps everything together and connected.
This cloud is the reason why we can connect with anyone we want, anywhere in the world, almost instantly.
The benefits of modern technology and connectivity are endless, but there are unseen repercussions to such convenience that most people either don’t realise or choose to ignore.
These repercussions include a direct impact on human health and have recorded symptoms like headaches, blurred visions, lack of concentration, ringing in the ears and sleep disturbances.
Fortunately, nature and science have provided us with a way to remedy this problem with the help of crystal gemstones! Check out these aesthetically pleasing gemstones that shield us from the harms of EMFs.
Orgonite: This man-made crystal is one of the best remedies for harmful radiations. It’s made by blending crystal shavings, metal and resin, and the combined powers of these elements provide a nice balance to the chi.

Lepidolite: People who find themselves around cell phones and computers most of the time will highly benefit from this crystal. It reduces stress and depression and dissipates negative auras.

Black Tourmaline: Black Tourmaline is excellent for prevention from EMFs coming from cell phones. It forms a shield around its user and protects them from feelings of being a victim. It attracts inspiration and nobility in the human wearing it.

Shungite: This stone protects from EMFs because of the heavy content of fullerenes in it. It is good to keep near heavy sources of EMFs like computers and cell phones.

Fluorite: It is known for cleansing and stabilising the aura of a person, and protects them from electromagnetic stress. It clears feelings of mental chaos and brings serenity to its user.

Aventurine: This stone is known to turn negative situations into positive, just by reinforcing a healthy state of mind. It calms feelings of anger and irritation and promotes overall mental well-being.

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