Properties Of Garnet Crystal That Make It Desirable

Properties Of Garnet Crystal That Make It Desirable

Garnet Crystals are the most popular associations with the ruby stone and have similar properties like the ruby stone and are much more affordable. Garnet symbolizes the energy of passion, creativity, and joy and exudes vitality, power, and nourishment and evokes the spirit of the fire element in an individual.

The name Garnet has been derived from the Latin word Granatum for pomegranate because the colour of this crystal resembles the seeds of the pomegranate fruit. Red the most known colour of garnet, however, it also comes in green, blue and black colours. Garnets also possess the capability to change colours in certain light reflections.

Garnet is considered as a warrior stone and believed to protect one from wounds and is also revered as a stone of truth and commitment.

What makes Garnet special?

A wide spectrum of energetic needs is fulfilled when garnet is used. It is instrumental for improving one's health and refrains a person from negative thought processes. It is often worn as a talisman for Goodluck. Other than this use of garnets also helps build self-confidence and shape up an individual’s life purpose.

Know the market of Garnets

Garnet comes from many parts of the world and mainly can be sourced.

Know the specific properties of garnet that make it desirable

  • It improves the energy flow and revitalizes one's personal energy.
  • Garnet is also termed as the stone of health because of its innumerable health benefits.
  • Garnet is believed to help one succeed in business as it can help turn the energy of crisis into opportunities.
  • It calms one's personal energy by re-directing the negative energy into a more harmonious one.

Garnet is the birthstone of Aquarians, as well as for the Capricorn zodiac signs it expresses the energy that is born with the individuals month of January. So what are you waiting for? Get going to bring out a positive change in your life. If you too feel that garnet is the stone that can help improve your energy and bring you closer to achieving goals, be sure to purchase one for self as a tumbled stone in a jewelry piece. You can easily procure garnet as it is readily available in the local markets, with retailers, from crystal shops to jewelry stores. Moreover, it will not be a big blow to your pocket!

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