Properties of Ammonite Crystals Healing

Properties of Ammonite Crystals Healing

Before looking at the properties of Ammonite Crystal Healing, let's get the understanding of the two terms Ammonite and Crystals.

Meaning of Ammonite:- Ammonite is a strong and powerful geo healing organism. Ammonite is useful in attracting good health, prosperity and success and is highly recommended to put at home. It destroys all the negatives energies. In India Ammonite is linked with God Vishnu in every occasions and ceremony. Another term that is used for ammonite is “ ShaligramShila” and is found in Nepal.

Meaning of Crystals:- Crystal is a solid material and a transparent colourless glass. It is an arranged microscopic structure that extends in all directions. Its constituents are atoms, molecules or ions.

Ammonite Crystal Healing Properties:-

Ammonite crystals have various healing properties and it is often used as metaphysical healing properties. It absorbs cosmic energy from the earth which is a life force for the human body. Let's discuss the healing properties in detail.

1)    Vaastu Shastra:-Ammonite crystals are used as feing-Shui or Vaastu and it called as seven coloured prosperity stone. It is believed that it stimulates the flow of positive energy into the body. This crystal is fortunate and is to be kept at home and it attracts positive energy in the environment and destroys all the negativities. If this crystal is used in business premises it brings good luck and prosperity in the business and leads to beneficial business dealings.

2)    Physical Health:-Ammonite crystals is an excellent source of healing when it comes to health. It is helpful in depression, labour pains, Cell- metabolism, tinnitus. It also heals many disorders in the body. It also heals the lung, ear and limbs problems. Since ammonite is associated with Plante moon which rules the abdomen, Womb, and breast, it heals all these problems.

3)    Emotional Well-being:- Ammonite crystals acts as a miracle when it comes to emotions or feelings. Ammonite crystals circulate the positive energy in the body and make us feel stable, protected and bring harmony is life. This crystal enhances the mood, Relieve any kind of stress and boost the vitality and stamina. It balances the mind, spirit, and body.

 Ammonite crystals are available in many colours and every colour has its significance. When any person wears these ammonite crystals of any colour it exhibits its abilities differently. It also brings a great sense of achievement and concentration so that all aspects get balanced in an individual's life.


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