Properties of agate - the green moss

Properties of agate - the green moss

“Moss grows on the north side of trees”

An ancient proverb used by travelers to navigate their journey; similar to Moss Agate quality to guide a person on their rightful path in the journey of spiritual enlightenment.

Moss Agate belongs to agate family; a family is known for its excellent healing qualities. Generally, Moss Agate is clear milky white with dendritic inclusions of manganese or iron that has grown into patterns similar to moss. Moss Agate crystal is predominately found in green color but a spot of red may occur in some specimen. High prized quality Moss Agate can be found in Australia, Russia, India, Brazil & USA.

Moss Agate & its Virtue

At its base Moss Agate is a highly spiritual stone; it stands for four properties -Healing, Grounding, Stability, and Growth.

1. Healing:

Moss Agate is a powerful healing stone can be effectively used to provide therapeutic treatment in terms of physical & psychological. It is also recorded that a tribal priest relies on Moss Agate work with the human system.

2. Stability

Moss Agate crystal green color share a direct connect with earth properties which helps bring stability in a person’s life. A person is well equipped to deal with life’s ups and down as the Moss endeavor to strike an accurate balance between his two sides of his/her brain.

3. Grounding

A Moss Agate crystal is highly used for its grounding property especially in the field of agriculture; usage of this stone improves the health of a plant or a crop. It can also help an individual to remain rooted in one's core values & integrity.

4. Growth

The natural color of Moss Agate stone is to boost growth; its green crystal helps in keeping things on track be it in business or life; its lighter green crystal is used promote spiritual growth in oneself & the darker green crystal signifies physical growth and safety in travel

Adding further to its properties, Moss Agate is also known as a stone of wealth, attracting abundance in all forms. Moss Agate can also be useful in clearing personal energy systems as well as environmental; it helps detoxify body energy; a person frequently suffering cold can benefit from the usage Moss Agate. The vibration of this stone carries immense strength and courage, and that eventually help to minimize fear in a person mind

In a nutshell, Moss Agate is a remarkable stone it serves as a great source of creativity and optimism. It a stone indicates ‘New beginning ‘in a person life.

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