Process of purification and activation of crystals


Have you ever used healing for your crystals before? Crystal Healing is used to treat people and their energy system, by placing the crystals on and around the body, which can help to draw out any negative energy.

Purified and Activation for your crystals – why is it necessary?

In order to remove the negative energies from your crystal bracelets, the crystals need to be cleansed with appropriate techniques.

Why is this needed? The crystals on your crystal bracelets absorb negative energies from the person wearing the crystal bracelets and the area/environment in order to provide healing radiant energies. These crystals need to replenish their properties of doing what they are meant to do, so for this very reason cleansing is necessary. Cleansing and healing is basically re-activating crystals from time to time.

How often should your crystals be purified?

Keep a time gap of one round of cleansing in a period of two months at least. Keep in mind to follow the procedures of activation and re-energisation post the cleansing.

This helps you reset the crystals and its properties. Below we shall discuss the various methods of how crystals can be purified, activated and energised:

Ways to purify your crystals

Some of the most important ways to purify crystals are listed below:

  • Natural Water: Water in the form of ocean water, spring water, lake water and filtered water all work well in removing unwanted energy from your crystal bracelets. Submerging under water also works well. You could opt to collect the water from your natural source and then keep it submerged in it.

  • Raw Milk: Place the healing crystal in a bowl of raw milk (un-boiled) for 10-15 minutes.

  •  Running Water: Place the healing crystal under running river water or just under running tap-water while constantly rubbing your fingers to cleanse it.

  • Cleanse by burning: Burn a handful of herbs such as lemongrass, Sage or use aromatic wood pieces (mango wood, sandalwood, etc). Douse the flame to cause smoke and place the healing stone above the smoke and keep rubbing your fingers to purify the stones.

What cleansing methods can be avoided for the crystals?

For your crystals, avoid cleansing methods like directly placing them on the candle flame, putting them in warm water, burying in ground or using salt-water.

These methods would not help in cleansing and purification and may in-turn harm the stones and hence please avoid such remedies.

Activating and energising your crystal bracelets?

Below listed are the methods of activating and energising the crystals in your crystal bracelets:

  • Under the moonlight: Place your crystal stone under the direct Moonlight.

Leave your crystal stones overnight to rejuvenate. Full moon night is the right time for best activation. It can be done on other nights too when the moon is visible.

  • Under the sunlight: Sun is the energy source of the universe and it is an abundant source of energy to reactivate your crystals. Place the healing stone in a bowl of clean water and place it in sun. Keep it for a time period for around 3 hours.

Final thoughts

Hope you have been enlightened on the idea of how purification, activation and energisation of these crystal bracelets can be done.

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