PERIDOT CRYSTAL it's properties make it even more special


Peridot is a crystal that’s not only rich in culture and history, but is also rich with healing energies and spiritual connotations. These make it highly prized and very collectible to anyone looking to bring peace and harmony to their lives.

This versatility has made it a very popular crystal and one that has plenty of stories to tell in terms of its origins. Peridot can demonstrate a lustrous honey yellow color or a pale green with yellow tones that catch the eye. This more yellow color is perhaps less remarked upon today than the traditional green people associate with Peridot.

Peridot has also been known as Olivine or Chrysolite. Most Peridot contains magnesium- rich Forsterite. Its color is caused due to the presence of iron ions. A high-vibrational heart chakra crystal, Peridot carries a positive energy that is helpful for those undergoing traumatic emotional situations.

Peridot is often formed in the mantle of the Earth, a distinction shared with Diamond and something that otherwise differentiates this stone from many others.

Peridot has been made use in jewellery extensively since the past, mainly because this jewellery was seen as having protective and rejuvenating qualities.

Peridot is also a protective crystal, offering a supportive energy to keep chakras in balance and alignment. Physically, gemmy Peridot offers deep healing vibrations to the whole body,


The connection between Peridot and the sun was very important to the Ancient Egyptians, especially due to the reverence their culture has for the sun overall. However, that connotation of sunlight remains in many Peridot interpretations today.


  • Peridot also is said to enhance confidence, public speaking and self-assurance, among other things.
  • Peridot can enhance your love life
  • peridot is believed to bring good health and restful sleep 
  • Helps balance emotions and mind
  • Has the ability to inspire eloquence and creativity; it also brings delight and good cheer.


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