Your home is your sanctuary. It's where one starts and ends the day, both good and bad. One has all the powers to control the energies allowed to permeate that space. But sometimes, regardless of how hard one tries, anxiety and negative vibes still manage to seep through the cracks and invade that glorious personal space.

Healing crystals can be an excellent way to banish stress from the house, so one can leave behind the bad vibes of the outside world.

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Now, let us list the few crystals that will help for a peaceful home:

Rose Quartz

Crystal Quartz is the transparent quartz stone. It crystallizes in tactile structures called generators. With clear and high energy, increasing balance and emotional stability, it intensifies the properties of other crystals placed next to it, strengthens the immune system, calms, and generally strengthens the physical system of the body. The Rose Quartz is considered the stone of love.


The word “Citrine” comes from “Citron”, which is lemon. It is brown, orange, and sometimes white. The yellow Citrine is very beautiful and is considered one of the most popular in the field of design and fashion. It is the stone of sun and light. It communicates the power of will and the people who want to strengthen abundance, improves self-confidence. It also helps remove toxins from the body, treats infections, and strengthens the digestive system.


For peace and calm, the traditional green, blue-green, lavender or white varieties of Jade are generally recommended. The shade of colour and clarity varies greatly but it usually has a waxy look. Jade carries meditative peaceful energy and encourages calmness and tranquillity on the life path. 


This well-known stone ranges from sky blue to blue-green. It is always opaque and may have brown mottling or veins. Turquoise is a deep stress reducer and helps find place of inner peace. Like Jade, some other stones are often dyed to look like Turquoise. Genuine Turquoise is always expensive these days.


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