October Birthstones: Tourmaline and Opal

October Birthstones: Tourmaline and Opal
Most of the months in a calendar year have only one birthstone, however, the people born in the month of October are lucky because they get two beautiful crystals as their birthstones – opal and tourmaline. While both of these stones are beautiful in their own way, they are quite different from each other. Let’s have a closer look at each of these crystals:

Tourmaline: The name tourmaline is derived from the Sinhalese “tura mali” which means the stone of mixed colors. This gemstone is found in a wide range of colors like red, blue, green, pink, black, etc. According to a legend, the tourmaline traveled down the rainbow which is why it is available in so many colors. This stone can also be found in a combination of two or three colors like bluish-black, reddish-purple, etc. In terms of hardness, tourmaline stones are 7 to 7.5 on the Moh’s scale. This stone is most commonly found in Brazil, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kenya, Madagascar, Mozambique, California and Maine. This stone is believed to promote inspiration and happiness inside an individual and helps in reducing fear by developing self-confidence. This stone is also used to balance the yin-yang energies because it is considered as a physical bridge to the spiritual. These stones are considered to be excellent tools in balancing the chakras. Black tourmaline is one of the most famous types of this crystal and is known to deflect negative energies away from the user. Some believe that tourmaline is good for strengthening the nervous system, blood, and lymph. It offers great relief from migraines and headaches as well. This stone is also beneficial for increased durability and physical vitality.

Opal: The name opal is derived from three sources which include the Latin word “Opalus”, the Greek word “Opalliois” and Sanskrit word “Upala” which means ‘precious stone’. These stones are valued for their shifting colors in rainbow hues – a phenomenon is known as “play-of-color”. This stone is found in many places in the world that include Australia, Ethiopia, Mexico, and Brazil. Deposits of these stones have also been found in Central Europe, Honduras, Indonesia, Madagascar, Peru, Turkey, and the United States. The hardness of this stone is around 5.5 to 6 on the Mohs scale which makes this a delicate gemstone that can crack or “craze” under extreme temperature, dehydration or direct light. The ancient Greeks considered Opal to serve as protection from disease and Europeans considered Opal to be a symbol of purity, hope, and truth. This stone is known to inspire confidence, motivation, and optimism. This stone helps the wearer to find happiness, love and good luck. This stone also proves to be ideal for a user who lacks creativity because this stone is known to enhance your thinking ability which makes you creative and confident. Opal stone is also considered to be useful in alleviating digestion, stomach disorders and all kinds of eye problems.

The person born in October can use both of these stones in combination or just one among them depending upon his/her needs. Both these stones have unique scientific and healing properties which makes them a good choice as an October birthstone.

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