Obsidian Crystal for Wealth and Prosperity

Obsidian is a rock formed by cooled down lava. It is glass-like in texture and is a beautiful glowing black rock that brings prosperity and wealth to a person. It has an aura of absolute mystery, and that adds to its charm.
Its energies act slowly and deeply, but efficiently. Obsidian is mostly used as a tool for protection against psychic attacks and promotes healing on a deeper level. It is also used for truth-telling and Fengshui.
Obsidian is a crystal that has many physical uses as well. It tends to have sharp edges when shaped right. This can be used as surgical blades which are sometimes sharper and finer than metal.
For healing, obsidian is shined into mirrors and is said to bring good luck to the user. This helps a person be grounded and focused, with their sights on their goals and potential achievements.
For people who go through phases of erratic energy, and are prone to quick anger, obsidian can help them calm down. Wearing it in bracelets or rings can make for fashionable jewellery and also bring positive vibes in the process.
Black obsidian’s mystic nature has a pull on people and helps them focus on truth. It helps people connect with the inner truth inside a person’s world, and the outer world with which they interact.
So much clouded judgment about the inside and the outside world can because of delusions and lies. The pitch blackness of this stone represents the revealing of secrets and absolute vulnerability.
Another important facet of the obsidian is protection from negative energies. We are surrounded by so many energies that people try concealing over a curtain of faux positivity.
Black obsidian envelopes your aura with a wall of positive energy that shields you from these conflicts and psychic attacks.
It is excellent for the north Bagua area which is the part connected to our energies, responsible for a career path and productive life. These qualities and more that the obsidian present, are the reason why it is the perfect stone for promoting wealth, growth, and prosperity.
It gives a person the right tools to reflect inwards, fix what is wrong, and help themselves on a path to success.

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