Obelisk: Collections At Orgonite Crystals

Obelisk: Collections At Orgonite Crystals

The obelisk is a very powerful figure in crystal therapy, as it serves to multiply the power of crystals and their effects. Usually, its use matches that of the pyramid, to direct the energy towards the person you intend to heal, or on which you want to convey a particular influence related to the stone you use. Each wand is handcrafted and the stone has passed through a thorough purification process.

It is also used in healing and divination. These crystal chopsticks are unique, with different cuts, with different stones, each with its own energy.

Healing rods have always been used in the past, as well as in the present, by true healers from all over the world.

They can be used in different ways.

In the first case, they are used to massage the body. The purpose of these massages is to loosen the tension from the body, allowing the energy to return to flow freely. Of course, it is appropriate to know the functioning of the chakras and energy channels for more effective use. The second method, for the more experienced people, is precisely to use the stick to understand where there are blocks in the chakras, and to make a real aura scan. Healing rods, therefore, have a very important function to ensure the full well-being of our body.

Our philosophy

Convenience, knowledge and improvement.

These are the principles that underlie our philosophy and our products.

To these values ​​are added communication, the means to make the relationship with our customers, at the same time, as professional and friendly as possible, to guarantee you a unique experience, to be repeated with pleasure. Purchase from these amazing products and experience positive energy flowing all throughout your life. When you purchase from Orgonite Crystals, you can be sure of only receiving the best products made from the best and genuine materials. We also ship our products anywhere across the world for free and have a free 60-day return offer.

We are here to offer you amazing orgone of which we are of high-quality, useful to develop individual abilities and to correct those imperfections that sometimes spoil life, and we have a good collection of orgone obelisk manufactured to enhance your taste and your personality. The orgone crystals that you can buy from this collection are 7 Chakra layered Gemstone Pendulum, Orgone Aquamarine 7 Inch Healing Point, Orgone Rainbow 7 inch Healing Point, orgone lapis lazuli 7 inch healing point, orgone blue kyanite 7 inch healing point, orgone black tourmaline 7 inch healing point, orgone amethyst 7 inch healing point, orgone 7 chakra layer 7 inch healing point, orgone selenite 7 inch healing point, orgone rose quartz 7 inch healing point and the orgone green jade 7 inch healing point, orgone clear crystal quartz 7 inch healing point.

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