Mystic Topaz: Everything You Want To Know

Mystic Topaz: Everything You Want To Know
Mystic topaz is a very unique gem that does not occur naturally. It was originally a simple colourless topaz before being subjected to a unique treatment that allows it to boost the stunning rainbow effect.
In order to create an amazing rainbow colour, companies use low-quality colourless topaz stones and enhance them using the CVD method. Because of this method, you get a variety of colours like green, blue and purple.
Mystic topaz is a man-made healing stone that was first seen at Hong Kong Jewelry Fair in September 1998. Since that day, people were mesmerized by its beauty and which is why they started to use it in jewelry.
This energy stone was cherished and used in jewelry by the Egyptian and Greek civilizations. They associated this stone with many healing properties & benefits. This healing crystal requires delicate care if you wish to preserve its rainbow vibrant glow. The jewelry in which this stone is embedded should be protected against sharp blows and damaging activities.
To cleanse this gemstone, you must use the products that you would normally use for a pearl. Refrain from using abrasive materials when cleaning mystical topaz to prevent it from damage. If you properly take care of this energy crystal, then there are high chances that it would last for a lifetime.
The ancient civilizations believed that the topaz was a symbol that represented their Sun deities Ra and Jupiter. Those people believed that if you place Topaz in wine, then it could heal the upper respiratory problems and enhance one’s eyesight. Pharaohs would use this gemstone to detect poison.
Mystical topaz is believed to help an individual’s physical health. It is believed to work with your spinal column & help regulate or maintain the action of your heart. This stone can ease out pain, discomfort, and inflammations related to arthritis.
Mystical Topaz promotes good digestive health and metabolism. It is also believed to increase vitality and combat circulatory problems.
In today’s world, mystical topaz has a great significance due to its use in jewelry. It is mostly used in rings and bracelets. Topaz is the birthstone of November which makes it very valuable for the people born in that month.
It is the best stone in every aspect and hence should be used widely.

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