Mookaite for Ancestral Healing

The concepts of spirituality, deeper meanings, and connection with the greater whole are common beliefs amongst the realm of crystal healing. Most people are obsessed with getting to know themselves better, and even knowing where they come from.
This means, a better knowledge of their ancestry. It is also believed that our ancestors have an ominous guiding hand on our decisions, and our journey in transcending the path of life. Crystal healing has natural options to help us connect with and understand the role of ancestors in our life, and also harness some healing energy out of it.
Found exclusively near the Mooka River in Australia, Mookaite is an amalgam of many Jaspers and is believed to be the stone of “many running waters”. It is a stone that has deep connections to Mother Earth and is one of the most significant Earth element stones. It is also very compatible with the Solar Plexus Chakra. The Solar Plexus Chakra is the seat of personal will power that when stimulated in the right manner gives us a realization of our full potential and strength.
Mookaite has supreme powers when it comes to making you feel stabilized and grounded. It calms the mind, and helps one focus on important tasks, goals, and achieving personal ambitions. In states of mental turmoil, Mookaite gives you much-required peace and tranquillity.
With its properties, it allows the user to access genetic memories and connect with their ancestors and know more about their history and their characteristics that even they had no clue about. It ignites your natural instincts and allows you to act as naturally as possible, with no filters on your personality and decision making.
Meditating with Mookaite is a peaceful experience that every crystal healer should experience. When concentrated on the stone during meditation, it not only helps in grounding and centering the spirit, but also helps unlock spiritual awakening and create a revelation within the self.
With successful use, you’ll find that clutter from past life slowly stop bothering you. So tap into the spirit of your ancestors to better understand yourself and your genetic wiring!

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