Metaphysical Healing Properties of Crystal Agate

Metaphysical Healing Properties of Crystal Agate

Crystal agates have found their place amidst the numerous crystals and semi-precious stones for their healing properties. Agates have numerous uses in various healing techniques due to their tendency to remove negative energy wherever they are placed.

What are Crystal Agates?

Agates are a variety of the quartz in the crystalline form, also known as Silicon Dioxide. Agates are usually found in Geodes, internally lining them. Most commonly, Agates are referred to the banded chalcedony, which is fibrous in nature.

Crystal Agates are known by various names depending upon their origin and color they appear in. And, it is a well-known fact that Agates come in quite many colors, most commonly being blue.

History of Agates

Agates were first discovered in Sicily by the river banks of river Achates many centuries ago. There are inscriptions available about the use of Agates in Egyptian and Indian culture, where they were used in artifacts, jewelry, and for healing purposes.

Agates for metaphysical healing

Agates have been known to have the strengthening or stabilizing influences which help in building a strong connection with the positive energy around you. Agates work with the chakras in your body and relieve symptoms of stress, physical ailments, skin disorders, gastritis, and such.

Agates provide a balance between your physical, mental, and emotional levels and creates a harmony between each that is essential for a tranquil life. It restores positive energy by eliminating the negative energies surrounding you and hindering your well-being. The Agates have the capability of treating the eyes, stomach, and the uterus and eliminate any skin related disease. The Agate stones are grounded and known to stabilize physical energy.

Agates and sexual wellness

Agates awaken your senses and make you aware of your own self. They make you realize the true nature of sexuality and sensuality and make you aware of your own in order to enjoy the fullness of life.

In general, Agates work to make you aware of your own self, where you are able to realize your own inner self and an awareness that helps you understand what is really stopping you from being well and healthy. Being healthy is the aim of any human body and with Agates, it is easy to achieve that wellness without much difficulty due to the properties that make it possible to achieve the goal.

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