Meaning and Benefits of Rhodochrosite

The raspberry-colored charm of this stone is what attracts instant interest towards the stone. It is when you connect to it is when you realize that is way more than what it seems like. It is a perfect stone for those who have had a tough life and are still recovering from the scars of their past life.

It is suitable for dealing with childhood traumas, and it brings to surface repressed feelings and emotions which have been eating one up for this entire time and allow them to address and healthily deal with them. You get a fresh perspective to manage your old issues in a new light and find why the problems happened.

It stimulates the Solar Plexus chakra, which is the seat of all willpower. This chakra is responsible for the factors that are involved in all decision making.
This helps you be your best self by analyzing situations better and making the right decisions. Your solar plexus is also responsible for recording and responding to traumas big and small.

Rhodochrosite frees up the blockages in your chakra and helps you feel lighter and free of burdens that have infested your mind and behavior. It will help you connect with the child within you and feel the wonder and joy of childhood again. This was you can feel the wonder of little pleasures yet again.

Carrying or meditating with this stone makes one buoyant and cheerful in life. You will feel a whole new dynamic infused with a suspended state of pleasure you haven't known before.
It will also free up your communication powers and allow you to speak your mind freely and more often. This is another way Rhodochrosite helps you get rid of emotions repressed. It stimulates creativity and enhances personal power and vitality.
With this power of spontaneous expression of feelings, you'll realize that a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. Things that seemed to bother you won't make anymore. Other people's opinions will start to hold very little meaning to you unless you love and respect someone you love.
Amidst all these fantastic spiritual and emotional benefits, Rhodochrosite also has a world of physical healing benefits. It stabilizes your heart chakra in a way that your blood circulation is healthier along with your heart.
This also means that the stone will help you deal with issues of the heart in a much better way. When used in elixirs, the stone can seriously increase your chances of getting rid of inflammations and infections.

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