Malachite Crystals that heals hidden heart secrets and painful emotions

Malachite Crystals

The malachite is connected to a large number of legends, above all for its symbolic link with the female figures in the various mythologies. After the moonstone, then, I go back to talking about a stone that I particularly appreciate always linked to the feminine sphere.

In Egypt, it was used to honor the goddess Hathor, in Europe Freya and in Greece Aphrodite. This stone is not tied only to the goddesses. Other properties have also been attributed to it, such as the ability to stimulate the aesthetic sense, sensuality, and beauty.

It is said that if they wear a malachite, the negative entities remain distant. This stone with a monoclinic crystalline system creates a protective sphere when worn.

• Who is malachite aimed at?

Being a stone with a monoclinic crystalline system and a prevalence of copper, malachite has an energy structure similar to those people who tend never to follow a precise direction, to be carried away by moods. However, we talk about very versatile people, who are able to face every problem thanks to their ability to analyze it from many points of view.

1. Benefits for the body

In crystal therapy, malachite is used to alleviate menstrual cycle disorders and labor pains. It can, therefore, be a beautiful gift for a pregnant woman, close to the day of birth, just as a lucky charm! It is generally connected to the female sexual organs. It seems that it can also contribute positively to overcome the traumas of a sexual/intimate nature.

Among the other physical benefits that are attributed to malachite, we find that of lowering blood pressure. It gives energy after the body has overcome a critical illness. It is also said to be useful for the respiratory system in general, fractured bones and swollen joints. Promotes nervous activity. Finally, malachite helps the liver get rid of toxins and strengthens the entire immune system.

2. Benefits for the mind

Strengthen the will, helping you to look straight ahead without being tempted by those distractions that only bring you problems. You will finally know how to follow those ideas of change that will allow you to make a change in your life.
Wear the malachite at the fifth chakra, it will help you to tap into your creativity. If you are more interested in inner transformation, bring it to the height of the third chakra. It is here that all the will relating to change is concentrated.

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