Live Stress free With Ajoite Crystals

Ajoite is a spiritual stone that emits the loving energy of the Goddess and of Mother Gaia, aiding sweet loving communication with spirit and the angels. The strong feminine energies of this stone will develop a forgiving nature inside you and will aid in the healing of the karmic wounds.
Ajoite is an emotionally supportive stone has properties that help to bring peace and harmony.
Ajoite was first discovered in Ajo, which is located in Arizona USA. It is also called as Ajo quartz when it occurs as an inclusion in quartz. Zimbabwe and South Africa are some other countries where Ajoite is found.
These crystals have a sweet and high vibration that immerses you in pure loving energy from the Goddess. This lovely stone vibrates within all of the chakras from the heart chakra up, including the thymus or the higher heart chakra. This stone provides the most amazing energy of love.
Ajoite has properties that will remove the toxic energies from all your chakras. Any pain or attachments of negative entities will be gently released by its vibration, bringing a quiet and peaceful change within your entire body.
This stone allows you to perceive and understand the reasons for past life situations. It also encourages old karmic wounds or implants to be released by the power of its energy.
The vibration of this loving stone within the throat area may clear and energize the throat chakra and stimulate you to communicate with truth. Ajoite also aids the flow of spiritual communication down from the higher transpersonal chakras via the soul star chakra into the crown chakra.
The loving frequency of this stone enhances guidance from the divine sources and allows connection with angels and other members of the angelic realm.
Meditating with Ajoite is the best way to make use of its energies. The energies of this stone will impart you with a strong ability to concentrate so that you can give your undivided attention to what you are doing.
It will take you in a tranquil state of mind and will assist you in living a stress-free life.

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