LAPIS LAZULI for meditation purposes


Lapis lazuli is a sodium aluminium silicate with sulphur, chlorine hydroxyl, and variable inclusions of pyrite and white calcite.

Known as the blue rock its deep, celestial blue remains the symbol of royalty and honor, gods and power, spirit and vision. It is a universal symbol of wisdom and truth.

Around the home, lapis lazuli brings contentment and a strong sense of family loyalty. At work, it can help you gain promotion, maintain your integrity and inspire trust in others.

Lapis lazuli consists mostly of a mineral called lazurite. It usually also has a white component called calcite and the golden pyrite that provides its characteristic sparkle.

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  • Lapis lazuli - a crystal used extensively for meditation
  • You might also keep lapis in mind if you have a tricky communications task ahead of you. Whether it’s a professional presentation or a heart-to-heart with a loved one, lapis lazuli can enhance your ability to reach others.
  • It has the potential to provide you with both visual and spiritual points of focus
  • If you like to use a visual focus point, try a session with lapis instead. You may find that the golden specks on the field of blue merge and separate in soothing patterns as you clear your thoughts.
  • Since lapis lazuli helps bring in feelings of calm and safety, you can use it for meditation that doesn’t have a specific focus. It can help you lower your overall stress levels and bring you to a deep state of relaxation
  • Lapis lazuli is an excellent choice for your meditation on honesty, self-awareness, or wisdom.
  • The stone is particularly powerful for encouraging spiritual growth on these paths
  • If you are interested in past life regression, meditating with lapis lazuli may be able to help you access memories from a past life. If you’re successful, you will not only unearth the memories, but you will more fully understand the lessons you are here to learn in this life

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