Kyanite for Positive Energy Manifestation

Crystal healing at its core is about connecting with these natural specimens to regulate, alter, and enhance aspects of our being. When these crystals showcase their magic, it is hard to stop at one.

After collecting their obvious Rose Quartzes and Amethysts, people looking to grow their crystal collection start looking for more personalized options that suit them. One aspect that people want to work on is connection. Whether it is a connection with other people, a relationship with the divinity, or a connection with our home planet and the things it houses. For bonds of all kinds, there is no stone better than Kyanite.

Kyanite is well known for opening the gaps in our mind centers that block such connection, open it up for effective communication, and exchange healing energy.

It facilitates such well-oiled machinery of communication in your head that bridges the gaps allowing a smooth flow of energy and knowledge. Kyanite's great thing is that just like Citrine, it doesn't need to be cleaned regularly because it neither stores nor retains any negative energy within itself. Because of this fantastic property, it can be used to cleanse other crystals.

The intangible benefits of Kyanite make it worth your crystal collection. It has inspiring benefits for people in positions of power. It makes people around you more loyal and makes you treat people fairly.

Its capacity to improve communication can be especially beneficial in the workplace. Communicating effectively can be hard to get by, and things are taken out of context more often than not.

Especially in seminars, or team meetings, where effective communication is needed, a piece of Kyanite can make all the difference in making it a very productive session.

Kyanite is a beautiful stone for people trying to break a cycle of bad habits and self-destructive patterns. When one loses their way in life, Kyanite can help them restore business as usual.

It gives you the will power to get over the toxic traits that shove you back into the same destructive patterns. It is also suitable for recall therapy when you're trying to remember things from your childhood. To do this, touch the center of your brow with a piece of Kyanite.

This stone has immense emotional healing powers too. It allows one to assess themselves free of judgment or bias. This helps one see their fundamental skills, interests, and knowledge that makes them unique and help them find a purpose for their time on this planet.

It amplifies that intuitive voice that guides one on their path to self-discovery, assisting people to find out more about themselves. All this positivity instilled by Kyanite helps people manifest the positive energy and powers that their minds and bodies are already capable of. 

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