Kundalini energy: The chakras, energy and spiritual healing explained

Kundalini energy: The chakras, energy and spiritual healing explained

Kundalini is a term from the Sanskrit language originally used in some texts of the religious traditions of Kashmiri Shivaism to indicate that aspect of the Shakti (Sakti) present in the human body, the divine energy that is believed to reside in the quiescent form in each individual. The concept of kundalini has recently been the object of interest both in the medical community and in New Age movements.

Kundalini energy is present in every person but remains dormant until puberty. It is the Kundalini energy that provides the necessary energy that the body needs to initiate and sustain the changes it undergoes during adolescence. This sacred energy is located at the base of your spinal cord. Their main function is to absorb the Universal Energy, metabolize it, feed the auras and release energy outside. The chakras are described as vortices, which shine in different colors and whirl around the surface of the pranic body. In their spiral movement, they reach deep into the centre of the subtle body, thus also penetrating the physical body, which is enclosed by this shell.

What is Kundalini energy?

• With the help of the techniques of Kundalini energy, the self-healing process is accelerated and the disease is alleviated. Prana (also known as Chi, Ki or vital energy) is used to harmonize the energy flow in the body.

• With the Kundalini energy, we work in the invisible energy field (aura) and on the chakras. The aura penetrates, envelops and nourishes the physical body. The chakras' task is to pump vital energy throughout the physical body (organs, glands, joints, spine, skin).

• The energy flow is disturbed or blocked by stress, bad nutrition injuries, negative experiences, continuous negative thoughts and repressed feelings.

• All this manifest itself as an energy disturbance first in the aura and chakras and then, later, as a disease in the physical body.

• This well-structured healing method, developed after years of study, allows us to feel and clean the aura and energy centres (chakras) and to project them with fresh prana. The emphasis is on cleaning the energy consumed and sick.

• Kundalini energy helps to improve your well-being and to have a healthy and radiant body. Kundalini energy is easy to learn, fun, and a safe and effective way to alleviate illness and accelerate healing. Kundalini energy techniques will strengthen or awaken your innate ability to help yourself, your family and other living beings.

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