Know The Various Type Of Calcite Crystal

Know The Various Type Of Calcite Crystal
Calcite is one of the most common minerals. It is a common form of calcium carbonate (CaCo3). It is polymorphous with the minerals aragonite and vaterite & with several forms that apparently exist only under extreme experimental conditions.
The carbonate minerals calcite, aragonite & dolomite make up 15% of the Earth’s sediments and sedentary rocks and about 2% of the terrestrial crust.
A large percentage of calcite, the most abundant of the carbonate minerals occurs in limestone, which constitutes noteworthy proportions of many sequences of marine sediments.
Calcite is the most stable form of CaCO3 at most temperatures and pressures. However, aragonite is metastable at room temperature and pressure and readily inverts to calcite.
Hexagonal vaterite, the other natural polymorph of CaCO3 is extremely rare and has been known to transform into calcite or aragonite.
Calcite is an extremely important healing mineral. It is excellent for speeding up development on both physical as well as spiritual level. It amplifies the energy and can clear, open and strengthen the chakras.
It encourages stability and self-trust and helps you to transform ideas into actions. It aids in the healing and strengthening of bones and teeth as well as strengthening cell walls and may also support the clotting of the blood.
The different varieties of calcite crystals are mentioned below:

Blue Calcite

blue calcite

This is a very powerful energy stone when it comes to soothing and relaxing the emotional body. It is known to calm emotions and offers mental and etheric protection. The soothing and relaxing effects of calcite allow users to think with a pure mind.

Citrine Calcite



This healing crystal is said to bring happiness, health, and optimism. It has a soft and tranquil energy that comforts, soothes and revitalizes in times of need. This crystal stone is a perfect blend of beauty and energy and is both sunny and positive in equal measure.

Green Calcite

green calcite

This is a strong healing crystal that is known for its action within the emotional, spiritual, physical and mental areas. This crystal has wide-ranging effects on your health. This stone has a strong heart-based energy that resonates with both the heart chakra and the higher heart chakra.

Red Calcite

red calcite

This is an important energy stone that increases energy and willingness to experience life. The grounding and protective energies of this stone offer emotional stability and alleviate stress and depression.

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