Know It All: Citrine Bracelet Uses

Know It All: Citrine Bracelet Uses
Citrine is a stone which is known for its powers of manifestation, imagination and will power.
This stone carries the bright and radiant energy of the sun and emits it on its user to offer him a feeling of warmth and comfort.
This energy is very energizing as well and you tend to feel revitalized on the inside.
The vibrations emitted by citrine help to awaken creativity and imagination and sustain the process of transforming dreams and wishes into tangible form.
This stone is called as the ‘Merchant’s Stone’ for its ability to increase your wealth and bring in success.
It also encourages generosity and sharing of good fortune.
It is advised that you must carry a small piece of citrine in your purse or wallet to attract wealth.
Wearing a citrine bracelet is one of the most powerful ways of using its healing energy for your benefit.
Bracelets allow you to connect with the crystal on a regular basis and bathe in its wonderful and joyous energy.
The bracelet also helps you to strengthen the bond between you and the crystal and speeds up the healing process.
Citrine is a crystal that connects with your higher chakras to clear mental blocks which helps to attract success and wealth.
You can consider citrine as an enlightenment stone which shows you different options to be happy.
Citrine helps to bring out the best in you by making you understand your own potential.
Solar Plexus, Sacral and Crown Chakras are the main chakras that are activated by this crystal.
It activates, opens and energizes these chakras which increases your personal power and stimulates creativity.
Citrine helps to channelize the energy from the Crown chakra back to the Solar Plexus and Sacral Charka.
This offers you a clarity of thought and mental focus and protects and directs the use of the creative life force.
It is said that the biggest obstacle we face is often ourselves and we often tend to attract negativity and put a limit on our abilities.
Wearing a citrine bracelet allows you to bring in the ray of hope in your life. You will start noticing that your mind is becoming relaxed and you are getting positive thoughts.
Citrine properties are useful for bringing in what you desire in your life.
The citrine bracelet gives immense power to your imaginations and encourages you to live in the light and never lose hope.
When it comes to bracelets, the citrine bracelet is among the most powerful ones and could bring in a significant change in your life.
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