Kick start your 2020 with these Crystals!


Have you got your list of goals to achieve this 2020? 

It's been almost 10 days since we stepped into 2020, the festivities, travel, and family funtime has officially come to an halt.

It is this time after a week has passed by, the seriousness of goals and achievements of this new year set in. Are you prepped up to kick your butts to achieve everything that's on your list? 

If you are serious on goals and yet feeling sluggish to work towards it, we here bring you 5 crystals that will help you be motivated throughout the year. 

Our Crystal bracelets that help you gain motivation is what we will be discussing today in this blog. 

Crystal bracelets, success bracelets have become common and there is a wide variety of crystals used to make one. But, with so many options available, how to choose the one with the right combination? We will let you know in this article.

Let's not waste anymore time.. It's time to get motivated and start working!

This is the stone you will need if you are damn serious about your goals and achieve them. Who needs a cuppa when you have Garnet? This is a significant energiser that ought to be in everybody's precious stone collections. 

Here is our success bracelet with Garnet that you can wear. 

Crystal bracelets

Carnelian boosts motivation and drives you to work on your goals.

Another energizer this orange stone also helps release any fears which may be stopping you from pushing forward with your goals.

Here is our crystal bracelet with Carnelian that you can wear.

Crystal bracelets

Smokey Quartz will clear and help to purge you of any negativity that may be lingering about. Flushing your soul and grounding your body, it is like the morning light as the sun rises over a still sea – bringing in a new day, a new beginning.

Here is our crystal bracelet with smoky quartz that you can wear.

Crystal bracelets

Allow Clear Quartz to purify your mind, removing negativity and/or anything you’d like to release from the previous year. This cleansed space will enable it to infuse your soul with positive energy and peace. With its’ clear white light, it will illuminate the path ahead and bring in pristine clarity

Here is our crystal bracelet with Clear quartz that you can wear.

Crystal bracelets

Amazonite alleviates your fears and brings in hope – assisting to see both sides of the problem. It invites you to access truth and express yourself with peace and love. Its energy will help you to see both sides of the problem and to deal with those matters that may be difficult to achieve. It will help you overcome all the problems you may face in achieving your goals. 

Here is our crystal bracelet with beautiful amazonite to overcome all the stress and delays. 

Crystal bracelets

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