Jade Rollers vs. Rose Quartz Rollers - which is better for facial massage?

Jade Rollers vs. Rose Quartz Rollers

Using jade rollers or rose quartz for enhancing the skin is not new to the world. The Chinese culture has been known to use jade for a variety of purposes which includes using them in medicinal remedies to adorning dressing tables. And as far as rose quartz is concerned, Egyptian and Roman civilizations have been using it for its anti-aging benefits. Even Cleopatra used this beautiful crystal for smooth and healthy skin. Facial rolling is popular in the world because it promotes lymphatic drainage, tightens, tones and detoxifies the skin. So now the question arises as to which is better for your skin? The beautiful jade roller or the ever soothing rose quartz roller? Let’s get into the details.

Jade rollers are considered to be a powerful tool for skin-enhancing because it provides a refreshing facial experience. Jade is famous in Chinese history because it promotes health and natural healing. The vibrations from this crystal also help to filter out all the negativity from your mind and bring about a sense of positivity and confidence inside you. The jade stone varies in color and pattern so that every individual can pick a jade of his/her choice. A jade roller is perfect for relieving the tension in your facial muscles and brings about a feeling of calmness inside you. In addition to this, jade rollers are adaptive in nature and tend to get warm with skin contact which helps to enhance the massage. Jade rollers also improve fluid tissue circulation and support lymphatic function. Since jade is not as smooth as other crystals, it will have more resistance on the skin and hence is ideal for contouring and lifting the solid tissues of the face.

Rose quartz is a crystal that is filled with the energy of love and care. This type of roller is perfect for those who suffer from reactive or sensitive skin. Rose quartz rollers are ideal for inflammatory skin conditions such as rosacea because of its cooling effect. This roller is perfect to energize your face and make you look fresh after a tiring and hectic day. The roller helps to remove inflammations from the skin and regulates microcirculation by ensuring a flow of fresh oxygen to the skin. The rose quartz roller stimulates the skin’s detoxification process and makes the skin tighter and smoother. Rose quartz rollers are better known for their wrinkle-reducing benefits. 

Both the rollers mentioned above are useful in smoothly massaging the face to help the ingredients of creams and moisturizers get absorbed in the face and neck. Apart from this, the crystal rollers are very easy to use and have an immediate impact on the tissues of your face and help in reducing inflammation and puffiness. To effectively use this crystal, just glide your chosen crystal roller from the centre of the face out to the side and down the neck. Massage all the way up the neck and face and then back down where you feel more attention is required. Doing this will not only ensure a healthy skin but will also reenergize your face and mind. 

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