Improve Your Life With Violet Flame Opal

Improve Your Life With Violet Flame Opal
Violet flame crystal has been used to activate and open the base chakra, third eye, and crown chakra. This energy crystal brings brightness to the third eye so that you can have clear visions and a deep understanding of the world around you. It also helps to intensify the energetic connection between people.
Violet opal is a symbol of royalty and luxury & has been used to access the kingdom of Leon to gain techniques with respect to increasing one’s wealth.
This healing crystal was used to connect with Pieione, a star in the Pleiades, to gain information about the true workings of our universe. You can use this crystal for clearing the spiritual level blockages and for spiritual awakening.
This gemstone gives you the ability to better connect with higher realms and your angel guides. Due to the purification qualities of these energies, you may find that your emotions are soothed and better balanced.
Violet opal is a crystal that helps you to connect with your guardian angels. It helps you to focus during meditation and dwell in a deeper state that would help you to develop a bond with your angels.
This healing crystal also enhances your intuition and psychic abilities which helps you to perceive the bad situations in your life and come out of them quite easily.
Acknowledging and releasing negative emotions and thought patterns might also become easier. This process also allows for a more profound sense of being.
Violet is one of the best crystals for spiritual purification. It transforms you mentally & makes you more aware of yourself & the world around you.
It helps to release the negative patterns that pull you down in life & transmutes the negative energy into a positive one.
This is an ideal stone if you wish to seek mental healing and balance. It will help you to accept more love in your life and will make you a positive person on the inside.

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