Howlite stone: All you got to know!

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Crystal bracelets with Howlite stone ensure inner tranquillity and make you calmer. You will know-how in this article.

Howlite stones have a flawless mitigating vitality that will reduce pressure and may quiet your mind outrage and terrible temper. 

They have incredibly valuable powerful properties that will help you to manage bellicose or forceful individuals. Their vitality may quiet both you and the other individual with you. 

Howlite likewise uplift the degree of persistence you are feeling about what's going on. For anybody having resting troubles, place a piece under your cushion or pillow as it is known to ease a sleeping disorder. 

They are gainful third eye and crown chakra stones that are useful utilized in contemplation and for investigating previous existences. 

We at Crystal agate bracelets bring you crystal bracelets with Howlite. Our Howlite crystal bracelets bring that supreme calmness and the peace you always sought after.

  1. Ultimate sleep bracelet
sleep bracelet

Our sleep bracelet is made of Amethyst, Howlite and Selenite


A meditative and calming stone with powerful healing properties that purifies and clears the mind of negative thoughts, perfect for those who suffer from insomnia or nightmares.


Known as the stone of “tranquillity”. It is an excellent antidote to stress and calms a troubled or overactive mind. Howlite is trusted as a sleep aid to reduce insomnia.


Aids in attaining higher states of consciousness by calming and focusing the mind. It also encourages peaceful dream states.

With this 3 main crystal that is known for busting stress, we are sure you will never ever experience any more stress once you start wearing Stress Buster Bracelets.

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