How to Wear Healing Crystal Jewelry for Best Results

How to Wear Healing Crystal Jewelry for Best Results

Our ancestors have been using the crystals for healing purposes for many centuries as they believed that these crystals can restore the balance between the energies that reside inside a human body. For example, the Chakra bracelet is specifically designed for this purpose and is one of the most widely used jewelry in the world. The bracelet consists of different gemstones and each of them possesses a unique characteristic that helps to keep the 7 chakras open all the time. Once you wear this bracelet, you will start noticing the changes that occur inside you and will tend to feel more lively, positive and healthy. But there are many such types of jewelry like a pendant, ring, earring, necklace, etc, and people often wonder how to wear this kind of jewelry for better results.

Before wearing any kind of crystal jewelry, one must have a deep understanding of those crystals and should also possess clarity regarding the usage of that particular jewelry. One thing should be clearly understood that different stones have different applications on the human body. For example, Amethyst is worn on the middle finger for tranquility, Rose Quartz is worn close to the heart and Black Tourmaline is worn on the wrist to promote strength and so on. In case you are planning to wear a bracelet then it is necessary to diagnose the need for it and then choose the side on which it will be worn. The left side of a person is considered to be very receptive and sensitive to the energies surrounding it. This side deals with your inner self and defines the changes that you want to make within yourself. Thus if you wear a crystal bracelet on your left wrist, then you can control the stress levels coming from outside. If the bracelet is worn on the right wrist, then it will help you release more productive energy into the outside world and will also help in releasing toxic negativity from your body.

Another important point to be taken into consideration is that the crystal jewelry needs to be cleansed regularly to keep it effective. This is because the crystals can attract energies which might not be beneficial for you and need to be removed from the jewelry. There are different ways to cleanse these crystals and they should be properly implemented if you want your piece to be functioning at full capacity.

There are many different types of crystal jewelry out there according to a person’s style and requirements and careful selection of it is of paramount importance. In the end, it is these crystals that are going to help you maintain a healthy balance of your internal energies and bring about a noticeable and positive change in your life.

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