How To Use Rutilated Quartz For The Best Results?

How To Use Rutilated Quartz For The Best Results?
If Rutilated Quartz has found a way in your life, this means that it has chosen you and not the other way around. If you wish to truly benefit from this stone, then you should set aside your self-doubt and fears and listen to its guidance from the other side.
This type of quartz is found in a large number of locations around the world, although most Rutilated Quartz available comes from Madagascar or Brazil. It is just another variety of quartz with inclusions of rutile within its being.
The metaphysical properties of rutilated give it a high importance in the crystal healing industry. It is known for its intuition enhancing effects and for offering emotional stability.
Rutilated Quartz is known to cleanse and recharge all the chakras and have purifying effects on your body. The presence of clear quartz inside this crystal makes it a big-time energy conductor and magnifier.
It is also believed that rutilated quartz is sprinkled with the heavenly dust of angels. The tiny golden hairs present inside this quartz are spectacularly illuminated under the dazzling light that puts this precious gem at the centre stage alongside diamonds.
Rutilated Quartz relieves you of anxiety, fear, and phobias and helps to forgive yourself on all levels. It will support you as you let go of the past issues of negative nature.
This healing crystal emits a clarifying radiance that lifts the spirit and supplies you with a daily dose of spiritual nutrition. This energy stone symbolizes unity and transformation and helps you to connect with your spiritual angels. It deep cleans your spirit and enhances your meditative powers.
It is said to stimulate and balance the thyroid and repel parasites. It will stimulate growth in the cells and aid with healing torn tissues. It will enhance your creativity and will bring a joyful vibration through.
Wearing a Rutilated Quartz pendant makes your life a lot easier. The extraordinary energy of this crystal will help you to cope with your surroundings and feel relaxed and composed.
For people with a cluttered mindset, this energy crystal is very useful as it will offer them clarity and will give them the required mental strength.

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