How To Use A Moonstone Crystal

How To Use A Moonstone Crystal

Moonstones have been used for centuries and are still quite popular for its moon-like qualities and sheen. The stone is known to bring peace, calm, harmony, and balance and is a perfect expression of the feminine energy or the Yin.

 Moonstones provide tranquillity like none other; it is simply otherworldly. It provides ethereal, feminine energy that is known to heal and nourish. It is the stone of the Moon, taking its powers from the sacred feminine energies.

Properties of Moonstone

 Moonstones are the best healers for women. It heals and calms, soothes and uplifts and helps in channeling our inner strength and helps in maintaining balance. In fact, if one regularly uses Moonstone, they will be able to understand their own self better and know how they have been mistreating their own energies and how they can rectify this. The stone helps in loving our own selves and make us better women.

 Moonstones are milky white in color with a colorful hue to it and a sheen that makes it all the more beautiful and mysterious. Since the stone is available in many parts of the world, especially in Asian countries like Sri Lanka and India, it is easily available and not very expensive.

How to use it?

Moonstones, in ancient times, were known as the Traveller’s stone providing protection to people traveling at night. If you are one who travels a lot especially at night time, it is best to keep moonstone crystal in the glove compartment of your car to avoid any mishaps or road rage.

It is a stone of love and eroticism and acts as a stimulator of desire and kundalini energy. It is also known to improve fertility. Hence, wearing a moonstone pendant during lovemaking will weave its magic. You could also make a grid of 13 moonstones to increase its powers.

The stone works to improve self-worth and instill confidence in the wearer and helps in loving ourselves if the morale is low or there are some doubts regarding our selves.

It is a stone of creativity and it helps people in improving their creativity and expands their ideas. It helps dancers and creative people in expressing themselves better through their art.

It is also quite popular in Feng Sui where it is placed around the house or the office to provide a sense of calmness and tranquillity and serenity.

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