How To Test Amber If It's Real

How To Test Amber If It's Real
Amber is one of the most valued stones in the healing crystal industry. It has a few unique features which enable you to differentiate it from the fake.
Many people ensure that they want to buy jewelry made from Baltic amber because other types of fakes don’t contain Succinic Acid, which is responsible for the health benefits of this jewelry.
Different tests can be done to determine whether or not the amber you are planning to buy is real or not. The smell is said to be the most effective way to differentiate between the two since amber has a pine-tree smell when burned.
Following is a list of few more tests that you can run to determine the authenticity of your amber.
  1. Visual test: This is the first thing you can do when testing the authenticity of your amber jewelry. Real amber beads are very unique in their appearance so you should look for imperfections inside them. These include tiny cracks or small air bubbles. These beads also vary in size and shape and shouldn’t always be around. When you touch amber, it tends to be a little warm, which does not happen for fakes.
  1. Saltwater test: This is the easiest and most effective way of testing amber. Mix two cups of warm water with a quarter cup of salt in a bowl, then stir the mixture until the salt has completely dissolved. Once this is done, place the piece of amber in the solution. If the piece of amber floats to the top, then it is real amber.
  1. Rubbing test: Amber has electrostatic properties and it can pick up tiny paper pieces or dust when it is charged sufficiently. So, in order to charge amber, wrap it up in a cloth and then rub it for some time. In the next step, hold this gemstone near a strand of hair. If your hairs attract towards this stone, it means that static was produced and you are holding real amber. If they don’t attract, then it is Copal.
  1. Hot needle test: Heat a needle and push it against the energy stone. In case the needle went only slightly inside, then that means it is most likely real amber. The needle goes in very easily inside fake amber and the smell that comes is either plastic or fresh pine.
  1. Scratch test: Scratching this gemstone can potentially damage it. Doing this test can help to separate coloured glass from amber. This test is useful because glass beads can’t be scratched while using metal and real amber and are soft enough so that the beads can be scratched on.
  1. Scent test: This test is difficult for individuals who are not familiar with natural resin. This is mainly because you need to know the difference between the smell of Copal and Baltic Amber. The scent of true Baltic Amber tends to be stronger than compared with Copal.

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