How to Tell if you Have Fake Shungite

The only downside to the world of crystal healing is that counterfeit products flood the market space. For the un-keen eye, fake crystals are so hard to tell apart from the real ones that they almost believe their artificial crystal is natural and wonder why it isn’t working.

Today we will talk about possibly the most counterfeited crystal product on the market, i.e., Shungite. In this post, you will learn a few methods to tell if your piece of Shungite is authentic or counterfeit.

Many crystal sellers try to take advantage of the fact that many of their customers are novices who read about crystals on the internet and think they can start reaping benefits right away after buying something online.

Shungite is very easy to fake. These sellers maximize their profits because fake Shungite is cheaper to make but is sold at just the authentic product rates. A lot of shiny black materials can be sold in the guise of true Shungite. Often these materials are Shungite Schist or Shungizite.

Instead of bringing you any advantages, these fake rocks hamper your healing and do more damage than good.  

There are three classes of Shungite based on its carbon content. The elite level, or type I Shungite, is silver in color and is about 98% carbon. The second one is Petrovsky Shungite, which is about 50-70% carbon. It is a middle ground of black and silver. Lastly, type III Black Shungite has 30-50% carbon.

Just by looking at a piece, you should be able to determine what kind of Shungite you’ve been sold. Legit Shungite would leave black marks on your clothes or skin because of its high carbon content. However, it isn’t necessary because a lot of the time, when Shungite is polished and tumbled to make jewelry, it can be treated in a way where it doesn’t stain your clothes.

However, if your piece is carefully disguised, one look might not be enough to tell if your Shungite is fake or not. One test that you can do is a conductivity test. Take a bulb, a battery, and a bunch of wires. Set up the bulb to light up using the battery.

Now sever the connection from one of the positive or negative cables and place your piece of Shungite between them. If it’s genuine, your bulb should light up. An authentic work of Shungite is a good conductor of electricity because of the carbon content. Another way of telling if your Shungite is fake is if it costs too little. No legit piece of Shungite would be too cheap because, after all, it is a healing crystal.

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