How To Tell If Blue Lace Agate Is Real?

How To Tell If Blue Lace Agate Is Real?
Blue lace agate is a stone of communication and it helps those who have difficulty being heard by others.
This energy stone also imparts confidence and articulation to share the truths. This stone provides clarity of thought and unwavering intent in regards to what matters most.
Agate is a stone which is naturally rich in design and colours and hence is considered to be perfect for making jewellery.
Thanks to the uniqueness and stunning colour of this stone, agate still remains to be of paramount importance in making jewellery.
Agate has been used by various civilizations and they are available in many parts of the world. However, it is necessary to identify the right crystal when you go out for shopping.
Following is a list of parameters that you can follow to check if the agate is real or fake:
  1. Colour: Genuine agate is bright coloured and can be easily spotted because of its radiance. Fake agates do not have brightness or radiance. The bands will be obvious in agates as they are a specialty of these stones. These gemstones are the only banded form of chalcedony.
  1. Texture: Genuine agates have a hard texture while the look alike agates have a soft texture. It is very difficult to scratch original agates while the fake ones can be scratched easily. The surface of the original agate is bright and flawless.
  1. Agate level: You need to ascertain the level of agate before buying it. Watergall agate is regarded as the most valuable of all agate types. This type of agate contains water for over 1000 years and hence they are special.
  1. Transparency: The original agates are not as transparent as the fake ones. The little chaotic lines on the surface and visible water line in some confirm the genuinity of the gemstone. Synthetic agates are highly transparent and this feature is sufficient to identify them.
  1. Temperature: Genuine agates are warm during the winter season and cool during summer. The temperature of synthetic agate is in line with the prevailing temperature. When it’s hot outside, they are hot and when it’s cold they are cold.
  1. Weight: Genuine agates are heavier than synthetic agates. You can weigh them to identify the real ones from the fake ones.

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